Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Addresses Unwarranted Hate She’s Received Amid Athlete’s Taylor Swift Romance: ‘People Don’t Protect What They Don’t Value’ 

Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Addresses Unwarranted Hate She’s Received Amid Athlete’s Taylor Swift Romance: ‘People Don’t Protect What They Don’t Value’ 

Media personality Kayla Nicole is letting her haters know they can’t break her! 

As you may know, NFL player Travis Kelce has been making headlines lately due to his actions off the field. The 34-year-old is currently in a (rumored) relationship with famed country singer Taylor Swift, 33. Despite their budding romance having nothing to do with Travis Kelce’s ex, Kayla Nicole, the model has unfortunately received countless hate comments since they started dating. She’s also been at the center of an unwarranted debate about whether her former boyfriend has upgraded or not. 

Travis Kelce, Kayla Nicole, Taylor Swift

Kayla Nicole hasn’t said anything about the situation – until now. Yesterday (Oct. 9) the 31-year-old shared a heartwarming video to her Instagram page addressing the “backlash and embarrassment” she’s had to endure. In the open letter dedicated to Black women, Kayla said, 

“Dear Black girl, They may call you a traitor for falling in love. You’ll hope the ones closest will protect you, but you will quickly find out that people don’t protect what they don’t value.”

Travis and Kayla first started dating in 2017 and had an on-again, off-again relationship for five years. However, regardless of their lengthy history, the Kansas City Chiefs player has yet to publicly defend his ex against the internet trolls flooding her comment section. Another person whose seemingly been quiet amid the backlash is Brittany Mahomes – wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Reportedly, Kayla recently unfollowed Brittany Mahomes on Instagram. It’s unclear why but it’s speculated it’s because her former close friend was seen out with Taylor Swift.  


Kayla Nicole, Brittany Mahomes

Kayla continued in her video message, 

“They’ll say you’re too much, too provocative, too boisterous, too outspoken. And in the same breath tell you that you’re not enough…They’ll say you deserve the backlash and embarrassment…they’ll even try to tie your value to your net worth.”

After encouraging Black women to remember their value, Kayla urged them not to participate in this “tumultuous, often one-sided journey” and instead to “preserve your heart even when they try to quantify your character” because there is “power in your silence.”

Kayla Nicole

She furthered,

“You can use that same power to silence the noise and self-doubt…the voices within that want you to give in to this demoralizing and antiquated narrative…because I know, girl, the rage of the world is loud, but Black girl your god is louder. 

And added, 

“My truth, trauma, and vulnerability are a relatable part of the human experience. I know I’m not alone and I want to make sure that you know – you aren’t either.”


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel