Khia Accuses Trina Of Sacrificing Her Late Mother For Fame, Bobby Lytes Responds: “F*ck This B*tch!”

Khia Accuses Trina Of Sacrificing Her Late Mother For Fame, Bobby Lytes Responds: “F*ck This B*tch!”

Trina has been a topic of discussion for fellow Miami rapper-turned-media personality, Khia, for many years – but this may be her most harsh diss yet. On her “Gag Order” show, Khia criticizes Trina and her late mother, rattling off a list of roasts on the “Baddest Chick:”

“Word on the street, Katrina ‘Sour P*ssy’ Harper has been fallin’ out and havin’ seizures after she sacrificed – a.k.a. offed – her mammy to an incurable disease. We, the people, say it seems like she losin’ everything – her hair, her teeth, her deals, her friends, her fans, her virginity at 12, her walls, her career, her pregnancies, Trick [Daddy]. Hmm, she can’t keep a n*gga or b*tch…We gon’ see if this sacrifice helps her sell records or get her more shows.”

Khia, later, went on to perpetuate rumors about both Trina’s and her cousin, “Love and Hip-Hop: Miami” star Bobby Lytes‘ sexual health. She said:

“Sour a** Bobby Lytes. We, the people, sentence you to a DN-Aids test. See, your access has been denied down the ‘Old Town Road,’ ’cause you been desperate chasin’ Lil Nas, and he don’t want you. So you won’t be ridin’ no horses, but you can ride your sissy cauliflower a** down to the free clinic to get some penicilin shots, b*tch. You came with your a** out at the awards, and nobody still didn’t wanna touch your sick a**, ’cause your b*ssy is coughin’, sneezin’, and leakin’, b*tch – just like your cousin, Katrina ‘Sour P*ssy’ Harper…you out of order!”

Bobby immediately jumped to his cousin’s defense with this tweet:

“This b*tch has been antagonizing Trina for years, nobody gives a f*ck ever. Everybody ignores her, but today you crossed the line. For you to think you would receive any positive feedback for what you said, indicates to me that you are in fact EVIL, Crazy, and delusional!”


The caption Bobby Lytes referred to was his lengthy roast about Khia’s children and appearance with a screenshot of a Google maps surveillance photo of her alleged home:

“@bobbylytes You made that video in this dungeon cabin. Im not one to make fun of the less fortunate, but sis you broke and miserable. You ain’t got no money, you don’t make any money off of the videos you make and you d*mn sure would be devasted if a b*tch got online and started blasting your daughter and son which you had at a very young age. Your recent n*gga was f*cking transsexuals behind your back and brought you back a gift that landed you in the clinic. Is that why you always have health jokes? You living in denial and your own insecurities are projecting upon others? You have been driving a medicare van around Atlanta, wrapped in old pictures from 2001 like it’s cute. Currently you have nothing going for yourself, I’m more poppin than you. I got more sh*t going on than you, and I d*mn sure make more money than you. You always want to drag somebody but truth be told that is all you are worth, you are a joke.”

“People laugh at you and not with you. You are simply a quick Kiki for people online and that’s it. You fade right on back into non existence after a few days. I heard about how your vagina be smelling like turtle tank but you love using the word sour p*ss, lol girl you got the name from your own self. Your teeth look so rotten and you have so many cavities I know your breath smells similar to Sewer water. Not only do you look like a roach you have them all up and throughout your house. Your walls are old, your book shelf’s look creeky, and you make all your videos with an iPhone. If you don’t get your life together and most importantly worry about more important things in life. You will die broke, miserable, and an angry woman. All that slick talking and reads and jokes, gonna end up getting you dragged in real life. I would tell you to keep it cute sis, but we THE PEOPLE know you could never keep anything cute. You could keep it ugly, you could keep it CRUSTY, you could keep it MUSTY & BUSTED, but never cute! You IT lookin b*tch!”

He continued to drag Khia in an Instagram Live session.


Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay