Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Clothing Gives An Update On Online Orders

Nipsey Hussle – Marathon Clothing Store Updates Online Orders To New Low of 13,000

The late rapper, Nipsey Hussle’s clothing store has updated the hundred and thousands of online orders as the physical location in Los Angeles, Cali. has continues to remain closed. Back in August, reports stated The Marathon Clothing Store raked in $10 million since Nipsey Hussle’s death in March. On Monday (Oct. 21), the retailer released a statement  announcing online orders are continuing to be shipped.

“Our team’s obligation is to fulfill the hundreds and thousands of orders that have been placed is what gave us purpose. With heavy hearts, our team banded together to get the orders shipped. With the extreme amount of orders placed, we have to quickly scale up production, and find a much bigger warehouse to ship the products from.”

The statement continues, adding that some of the delays had to do with required materials being sold out or even months before items were ready.

”Materials needed for production were sold out, and some items were taking 2 to 3 months to be ready.”

In addition, the store says their efforts to ship all orders to the many supports has reached a new low for shipment.

”Our team has been working around the clock and finally we can say we are down to the last 13,000 orders.”

As previously reported, in early August, the Marathon Clothing store released a statement announcing it’s plans to continue to honor Nipsey’s life as they will remain closed, while allowing customers to shop online.

“As a notice to the public, we’re putting up a gate on Thursday, August 1st, 2019 to enclose the plaza at 3420 W. Slauson Ave to start the early development stage of the forthcoming Nipsey Hussle Tower to commeroate and honor the life and legacy of Nipsey. The Marathon Store will remain closed, but you can shop oline at”

Nipsey was tragically murder on March 31, 2019 in front of his L.A. store in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

Authored by: Gregory Molette