John Legend Calls Donald Trump A “Despicable Human Being” & A “Sh*tty Person”

John Legend, Donald Trump

John Legend Calls Donald Trump A “Despicable Human Being” & A “Sh*tty Person”

It’s no secret John Legend isn’t a fan of President Donald Trump. He made that clear once again in a recent interview.

Legend responded to Trump’s tweet that the impeachment process against him was a lynching.

Legend said,

“He’s a despicable human being, and he says sh*tty things all the time … He is… like, just a sh*tty person. It’s true right? Every day he’s the opposite of what you’d want your child to be. He’s the opposite of what you’d want any human being to be, he is that. So he’s gonna say sh*tty all the time.

He went on to call out Trump for saying he’s treated worse than any other President before him.

He’s particularly big on victimizing himself, I think it’s his narcissim… every bad thing that’s happened to him is  the worst thing that has happened to any President. Some of them have been shot in the head before in a theater, but this ist he worst thing that’s happened to any president. He thinks that. He uses this term lynching because he knows how powerful and terrific and terrible this word is.

Legend also gave a lesson on what lynching and impeachment actually are.

[Lynching] is the exact opposite of what impeachment is. Impeachment is laid out in the Constitution, there’s a process, they’re investigating with Republcians and Democrats sitting in this hearing room taking depositions from people that work from the President. … there’s nothing extra-illegal about this process. There’s no mob mentality about this process. It’s very orderly and civilized.

If you contrast that with what actual lynching was… Some of the most horrific things that have ever happened in this country… Go to the Smithsonian of African-American History and Culture and look at the exhibit on Emmitt Till if you want to know what lynching is like, and you wanna, first of all, cry your eyes out, and realize what lynching is. How nasty and evil and how driven by hate and fear and racism and thsi mob mentality lynching was, and compare that to this Constitutional process of impeachment, it’s insane. It’s insane, and it’s sad that this country has to listen to this idiot, this f***ing racist idiot talk about lynching and make himself the victim of it when we know what real lynching is like. It’s… ugh.”

All of this comes just weeks after Trump called Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen “foul-mouthed,” launching a viral back-and-forth between all three of them.

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Authored by: Char Patterson