DJ Kid Capri Films Racist Encounter While Shopping At Gas Station [VIDEO]

Kid Capri

DJ Kid Capri Films Racist Encounter While Shopping At Gas Station 

DJ Kid Capri (real name David Love Jr.), 52, shared his encounter with a woman who worked behind the counter of a local Auburn, Alabama gas station. In his video Capri shared on Saturday (Nov. 9th), he says after he entered the convenience store called Store 17, a white woman behind the counter immediately yelled for him to remove his hoodie. In response to his accusations, the woman picks up a phone to call for the authorities. Capri writes,

“Racist!! Wow wow wow!!!! This happened to me yesterday in auburn alabama at a gas station store called “STORE 17” it’s sad, but I’m glad it happened, cause she f**ked up!! She has no idea who I am, but she’s gonna know now. She ran into the wrong one, with her racist azz face!!!!! I’m on it!!!”

Capri said he felt totally disrespected which prompted the “Growing Up Hip-Hop,” reality star to begin filming the incident. After using his cellphone to record their encounter, the woman says to Capri,

“That’s not necessary.”

Afterwards, Capri responds:

“If anyone else would have came into this store with a hood that was white, you wouldn’t have did that to.”

Soon after sharing his encounter, Capri shared a second video giving a little more insight on what happened during his trip inside the convenience store. Capri goes on to say in the clip that there weren’t any warnings or signs that bring attention to customers who wear hood inside the store.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette