Princess Love Alludes To Ray J Leaving Their Family To Party With Escorts, His Mom Comes To Las Vegas + Ray J Demands To See Their Daughter

Ray J, Princess Love

Princess Love Accuses Ray J Of Leaving Their Family To Go ‘Party With Strippers’, Ray J’s Mom Makes Appearance As He Demands Princess To Let Him See Their Daughter

The marital woes between Princess Love and Ray J are playing out for the whole world to see as the spouses take to social media to air their dirty laundry.

In the latest news, Princess Love has called out Ray J for entertaining escorts during their now infamous trip to Las Vegas, and Ray J has leaned on his mother, Sonja Norwood, who has had several issues with Princess Love in the past.

Princess took to Instagram to blast Ray J Friday (Nov. 22), accusing him of starting a huge argument so he’ll have an excuse to go to another hotel room

“to party with escorts and strippers.”

Meanwhile, Ray J’s mom has made her way to Las Vegas amid all of the drama. He also demanded Princess (via social media) to let him see their daughter Melody, stating that he hasn’t been able to get in touch with Princess at all.

This all started on Monday (Nov. 17), after Princess, who is 8 months pregnant, accused Ray J of leaving her and their daughter Melody stranded in Las Vegas.

She then revealed that he blocked her on Instagram.

Ray broke his silence and denied abandoning his family.

Princess then clapped back and shared details of what allegedly went down, and said she no longer wants to be married.

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