Ray J Speaks Out, Denies Leaving Pregnant Princess Love & Daughter Stranded In Las Vegas: This Is Not Cool! [VIDEO]

Ray J, Princess Love 

Ray J Speaks Out, Denies Leaving Pregnant Princess Love & Daughter Stranded In Las Vegas: This Is Not Cool! [VIDEO]

Things aren’t looking good for VH1 “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” couple Princess Love and Ray J.

He has broken his silence on Instagram after Princess Love accused him of leaving her and their daughter in Las Vegas.


Ray J shared a video on Instagram Thursday (Nov. 21) to address the drama between him and his wife of three years. He first said he would never leave his daughter stranded, and said that he was actually still in Las Vegas.

“Ray J checking in… Let me explain something to y’all because I don’t think y’all understand who I really am. I am my family. I love my family. I’ve dedicated my life to my family. To insinuate that I would do anything to harm my daughter is just sad man. I’m at the Sky Lofts right now as you can see. I don’t understand how somebody can get stranded… we never left. We’ve been right here. You stayed right there.”

He then said making their private issues public on social media isn’t the way to handle their issues. He added that they both have to put in the effort to make their marriage work.


“People gon’ get into the arguments here and there that are small stuff you can work out. But to take this to social media and create this crazy story about me leaving my baby in harm’s way is not cool. Our circle needs to be tight and nobody should be able to get in. If we get into something big or small, we should be able to hug each other and love each other and listen to each other and understand what we need to do to make it right. How can I make adjustments? How can I compromise to make you happy? It goes both ways in a relationship, this is not it.”

He ended by saying that while the devil is busy, this is the time they should be closer than ever, especially since they have another child on the way.

Ray J, Princess Love

“I apologize for everything that’s happening. We’re supposed to be at the tightest and the strongest. We have another baby coming in, and these are not the things we’re supposed to do. The devil’s working, but he’s not working hard enough. And he will never work hard enough. Because my family is something that I will always die for. And the devil ain’t ready to do that with me.”

He added the caption,

“My heart has been heavy for the last past week. I miss my baby Melody so much it hurts! I’m so sorry the world has to watch a young relationship like ours fall down. In order to be solid in a relationship you have to keep people out of it and let God work it out. But this hasn’t been the case. I will continue being the best man and father I can be no matter what’s on the other side. Without respect there is nothing. Love took a L this time”


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Princess responded to his video saying that she is still blocked and he hasn’t checked to see their daughter.

His message comes just after he blocked Princess Love on Instagram.

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Authored by: Char Patterson