Isaiah Washington & Yvette Nicole Brown Get Into Heated, Name Calling Twitter Argument

Isaiah Washington & Yvette Nicole Brown Get Into Heated Twitter Argument

Yvette Nicole Brown and Isaiah Washington went head-to-head over their disagreements, and it was all on Twitter.

The extensive back-and-forth played out after it was announced that Isaiah Washington inked his own Fox Nation series.

Yvette Nicole Brown responded to the news and wrote Nov. 26,

“Did I call this or what? Not even surprised that this particular dude said yes to dancing w/ the alt-right. Black voter disenfranchisement is on the menu for sure! Remember children, all money ain’t good money & not all skin folks are kin folk.”

Isaiah Washington responded to the tweet two days later on Thanksgiving (Nov. 28), starting a social media war. He first called her out signing on to the live-action remake of Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.  He claimed she called him a “coon” and said she was the one “dancing for dollars” for a

“Walt Disney, a KNOWN RACIST”.

She denied his claims that she called him a coon, but unapologetically called him a “fool.”


She then told him,

“Be careful chasing clout and dirty dollars @IWashington That has historically not worked out well for you. As for me, I sleep well at night and stay working in my CHOSEN field. How ‘bout you, boo? When you quote me on your little show quote it ALL & spell my name right.”

She then called him a joke.

He told her he didn’t need any advice and came for her credentials, stating he had a direct contact to Disney CEO Bob Iger,  before she clapped back.

See more of their back-and-forth below.

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Authored by: Char Patterson