Kevin McCall Lashes Out At Claudia Jordan: If You Had A Man, I’d Slap Him In Front Of You

Kevin McCall Lashes Out At Claudia Jordan: If You Had A Man, I’d Slap Him In Front Of You

Kevin McCall had a heated exchange with model/host Claudia Jordan on social media. The back and forth took place on Friday (Nov. 29th) and appears to have started after Claudia Jordan commented on the singer/producer’s recent date.  Earlier this month, Kevin McCall went on a date and filmed part of it on Instagram Live. In the video of part of the date, which went viral, he can be heard telling a woman:

“I’ma act cute ’cause the camera’s on you. But don’t sprinkle syrup on bulls**t and try to tell me it’s pancakes. You just met me a few minutes ago, maybe hours. So, don’t start reaching over [trying] to hold my hand. Don’t start trying to feed me.”

Claudia Jordan reposted the video writing:

“Damn Kevin McCall… This makes me sad.”

McCall responded by taking a shot at Jordan’s age.

He continues:

“Your ovaries can’t produce eggs anymore.”

Jordan was quick to take a Jab if her own writing:

“And you cant produce one hit no more.”

Afterwards, McCall claims he and Jordan were an item in the past. Jordan responds by accusing McCall of being under the influence of Cocaine which explains his behavior. See the exchange below.

”NEVER! Tell him to shown U some text message, photos, anything. #InLoveWithTheCoCo.”

McCall has recently made headlines for an altercation and arrest with a courthouse officer.

After his release, he stated that he plans to sue Atlanta police. He stated:

“I’m gonna file a lawsuit because I was injured and they lied on me. They showed me talking to the people which is an amendment right. Everybody has a freedom of speech and this is a free country last I checked…I feel I was targeted cause you couldn’t even tell what I was doing, so he told me there’s no FaceTiming. That’s a specific command, there’s no FaceTiming…”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette