Future’s Post-And-Deleted ‘Mystery Woman’ Has Been Identified [PHOTOS]

Future’s Post-And-Deleted ‘Mystery Woman’ Has Been Identified [PHOTOS]

38-year-old rapper Future, real name Nayvadius Wilburn, turned some heads on December 31st, when he posted a, now deleted, photo of a mystery woman on his Instagram story.

The rapper posted an array of photos on his Instagram story as a sort of “2021 recap,” which gave his fans insight into his seemingly eventful year. The story included a collage of photos and videos of himself working and having fun alongside his friends and family. However, one image of a woman in the desert holding a large bird in her hand has caused many to speculate about her relation to Future.

Though the woman’s face is covered in the photo, with only her eyes showing, the “mystery woman” did not remain a mystery for long. Social media sleuths quickly found the identity and social media of the woman in the photo.

According to Instagram, the person featured on the rapper’s 2021 recap is a social media model named Drie. The 29-year-old businesswoman is the owner of The Sin Collection clothing line. She recently posted a colored version of the photo, which has allowed people to easily connect that she and Future were, allegedly, together in Dubai quite recently.

Neither Drie nor Future have commented on the state of their relationship.

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Authored by: KJ Dodd