Jennifer Hudson Sued For Posting A Photographer’s Picture Of Her On Instagram

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Sued For Posting A Photographer’s Picture Of Her On Instagram

The spotlight of her own Instagram page is set to land singer/actress Jennifer Hudson in court!

Page Six reports that New York photographer Fernando Ramales has sued Jennifer Hudson for a photo he took of her in an iridescent pink blazer dress and thigh-high boots. A news site allegedly purchased Fernando’s photo, and Jennifer Hudson posted it for her IG followers days later.

Jennifer Hudson

The photo in question is still up and active on J. Hud’s page, garnering nearly 32K likes. Her caption read:

“Me walking out of 2019 into 2020 like ….just as grateful as I can be ! Thank u Lord for all you’ve done for me ! I hope u all find your joy in the new year !”

Fernando Ramales’ lawyer, Richard Liebowitz, issued this statement on the lawsuit:

“More and more celebrities are using social media to reach out to their fans to promote their brand by using photographs. But Ms. Hudson and her company did not get the proper permissions to use the photograph, and they also cropped out the photographer’s watermark identifying him as the copyright holder. You simply can’t do that.”

Keep in mind this case is nothing new in the land of celebrity. Several public figures, including Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez have been sued for posting photos of themselves on their social media accounts after photographers claim they didn’t seek permission to sue them. Ironically, the same lawyer responsible for the suit against Jennifer Hudson led the filing against J. Lo. The photographer wants $150,000 from her for a photo she posted on Instagram.


Fernando Ramales is requesting $175,000 plus attorney fees from Jennifer Hudson for copyright infringement.

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Authored by: Miata Shanay