Drake Responds To People Who Say He Can’t Be Single Forever: I Love My Space & My Routine, For Me To Break That It Would Have To Be A Really Special Person 


Drake Responds To People Who Say He Can’t Be Single Forever: Sometimes You Look Behind The Curtain Of People’s Relationships & They’re Just Not As Peachy As They Seem

Drake is single, but he’s open to a relationship in the future.

Drake, Jorja Smith

The 33-year-old rapper has been linked to Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Jorja Smith, Serena Williams, India Love, J.Lo and more.

Drake, J.Lo (circa 2016)

But he hasn’t found the one yet. In an interview with Rap Radar he explains,

“I find so many people challenging me like oh man like you know you can’t be single forever like you but then like you know sometimes you like you look again you look behind the curtain a lot of people’s relationships and they’re just not as like peachy as they seem.

He continues,

“so that was just kind of my shot at like anybody who feels like all like you ‘you should have said oh by now’.

Drake details the type of companionship that he’s looking for.

“I love my space I love my work and I love my routine and for me to break that for somebody it would just have to be a really special person that fits into that puzzle and that is supportive of the things I’m doing have to be somebody that has taste in music it has to be somebody that you know that I that I get along with so much to the point that when we were separate I’m feeling like I can’t function properly without their presence.”

The father of one admits that he’s found something similar.

“I have come across it a few time I’ve got to be able to hold on to it for whatever reason, but yeah I just really um you know. I’m I’m the captain of a ship and I look behind me I see a lot of people on board and you know full steam ahead that’s just kind of how I have to keep rockin’ for right now and hopefully hopefully I can find somebody that you know can just stand beside me at the wheel and help me steer while we keep the journey going — with me having to pull over and stop because that person is getting seasick”.

See the full interview below.

Authored by: Kellie Williams