Tyra Banks Stands w/ Gabrielle Union Amid ‘AGT’ Drama: She’s Speaking In Pain

Tyra Banks, Gabrielle Union

Tyra Banks Stands w/ Gabrielle Union Amid ‘AGT’ Drama: She’s Speaking In Pain

Tyra Banks is in Gabrielle Union’s corner.

Tyra Banks showed her support for Gabrielle Union after Union was fired from NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” following one season of being a judge. The firing sparked an investigation after Gabrielle Union reportedly complained about a toxic work environment that included racial tensions, such as reportedly being told her hair was “too black.”

Tyra Banks, who hosted the talent competition series in 2017 and 2018, is the latest celebrity to salute Union for speaking out.

The “America’s Next Top Model” queen said, according to Yahoo! Entertainment Tuesday,

 “What I love about what she did is she was very vulnerable. I wasn’t super close to it, but I saw some of her tweets. I thought it was maybe beautiful… how she wasn’t speaking in anger, she’s speaking in pain like ‘I’m trying to get through this… and I’m crying.’”

As for her own time on the show, she added,

 “I almost kind of like dipped my toe in and left, so I’m not really immersed in the culture. Like people ask me about Victoria’s Secret, I can wax poetic about that — I was there for 10 years.”

She reportedly went on to salute Union’s husband, retired NBA star Dwyane Wade, for standing by his wife.

One person who isn’t as supportive of Union is Terry Crews, who replaced Tyra Banks as the host last year.

When asked about his experience, he said,

I haven’t reached out, but I haven’t heard anything…First of all, I can’t speak for sexism because I’m not a woman, but I can speak on behalf of any racism comments. That was never my experience on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ In fact, it was the most diverse place I have ever been in my 20 years of entertainment.”

Gabrielle Union seemed to respond in a series of tweets.

Interestingly enough, Terry Crews shared a subliminal tweet himself just days after.

“There is only one woman earth I have to please. Her name is Rebecca. Not my mother, my sister, my daughters or co-workers. I will let their husbands/boyfriends/partners take care of them. Rebecca gives me WINGS”

Fellow judge Heidi Klum also said she couldn’t relate to Gabrielle Union’s experience.

She previously said,

“I’ve only had an amazing experience. I can’t speak for [Gabrielle Union]. I didn’t experience the same thing. To me, everyone treats you with the utmost respect. I’ve never seen anything that was weird or hurtful.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson