Keri Hilson Reacts To Being Told She’s ‘Washed Up’: “My Career Is Far From Over”

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson Reacts To Being Told She’s ‘Washed Up’: “My Career Is Far From Over”

Keri Hilson‘s career as a poppin’ singer/songwriter/actress has been a rollercoaster ride! She’s known for hits like “Turning Me On” and “Pretty Girl Rock,” but Keri Hilson has been open about the struggles she’s faced in the industry. Grappling with a long battle with mental health issues like depression and anxiety, Keri Hilson has been absent from the music scene for nearly a decade.

The Atlanta beauty was simply minding her own business, posting video footage from a ski trip with friends when a troll attempted to diminish her resume. @thebasedgoftim337 commented:

“@kerihilson your career over with you ain’t have a hit in 9 years you washed up”

Keri’s classy response read:

“@thebasedgoftim337 chiiile, I KNOW! you’re probably trying to hurt my feelings w/ that but I’ve long accepted I’m in that category…for now. But lemme correct you here: I haven’t “had a hit” because I haven’t put out ANYTHING, not because I put out flops. And my career is far from over. I do hope you stay tuned this year. Thanks for comin by”

Oop! A few of her celebrity friends came to Keri’s defense in our comments section. Celebrity stylist Tameka Foster encouraged her:

“@tamekafoster Yes!!!!! @kerihilson best response ever. THAT sh*t alone was a BANGER. You definitely got hits in you baby. Love it!!”

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Claudia Jordan said:

“@claudiajordan People who have never even TRIED to follow their own dreams have thier d*mn nerve coming for people who did just that AND succeeded! Smh I’m tired of these trolls”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay