Russell Wilson’s Mom Says He’s Not A Stepdad + Gives Her Thoughts On Ciara’s Infamous Prayer

Russell Wilson’s Mom Says He’s Not A Stepdad + Gives Her Thoughts On Ciara’s Infamous Prayer

Ciara and Russell Wilson are celebrating four years of marriage this year and gearing up for a third child in their household.

Now, his mother, Tammy Wilson is opening up about their relationship. She sat down with Dell and Sonya Curry, the parents of NBA star Steph Curry, for their new podcast “Raising Fame: Sports Edition.”

She first made it clear he’s not perceived as a stepfather to Ciara’s son Future, who’s biological father is rapper Future.

Ciara and Russell also welcomed daughter Sienna in April 2017.

She said,

“You would not know that Future is not his. He plays baseball with him, teaches him how play basketball, throws him in the pool…does all that. They wrestle a lot…”

As for her thoughts on Ciara, she confessed her main concern at first was that the singer was a single mom.

“When he first told me about her, he sent a picture and I’m like ‘She looks familiar.’ I didn’t really follow Ciara. I either seen a documentary or read an article about her. But I’m gonna be honest with you, I did say something about, cause I’m a mom, I love my kid, I’m like ‘Doesn’t she have a kid?’ You know. So he and I had conversations about that…And I look at my own situation and how I was born, so I can’t judge anybody.”

She said she later told him that if he wants to date someone with a child, he has to take it seriously.

“So I said to him, I’m like ‘Okay, if you’re really serious about it, then you have to love that kid as if it were your own, even if it means you give that kid your name.’ If you’re gonna be with someone who has a kid, you can’t treat that kid any differently than if it were yours.”

When asked about Ciara’s infamous prayer that is suspected to have helped her land Russell Wilson, Tammy Wilson said,

“Who he selects is who he selects. I will say, the song ‘I Bet’, when I listened to it, I listened to it a number of times. But that song, I knew in my spirit that she made a decision. I actually met the guy who wrote that song. He and I were talking about that song and that’s what he was sharing with me. When they wrote that song, she had made a decision, she wanted to handle things a little differently. I’m just hoping and believing that everything works out great.”

As for her favorite CiCi songs, she said the top of her list is “I Love Myself” with Macklemore. 

She added,

“When it comes to Ciara, Russell loves everything.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson