Deontay Wilder’s Fiancée Supports Him After His First Loss: You’re Still & Forever Will Be The Champ!

Telli Swift, Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder’s Fiancée Supports Him After His First Loss: You’re Still & Forever Will Be The Champ!

Deontay Wilder’s future wife still sees him as a champion after he lost the WBC heavyweight championship Saturday (Feb. 22).

He was upset by Gypsy King in a 7th round TKO, marking the first loss of his professional boxing career.

His wife, Telli Swift, showed support for him on Instagram, suggesting that he’ll be back for another round.

She shared a sultry photo of the two of them and wrote,

“Deontay, you showed us what Strength, Passion, and Courage looks like. You showed the world what it takes to Be A Champion. Most people have no idea just how hard you train, the blood, sweat, and tears you put into this sport for other people’s entertainment”

Despite his loss, she said he’ll always be a champ.

“To me and to so many that know and love you, you’re still and forever will be the champ! You’re the people’s champ and we all know you what you do for our culture. One moment in time does not define your legacy, your legacy is created throughout time and we will continue to do just that. A bump in the road doesn’t stop you from reaching your desired destination!”

She continued,

“Deontay you are and will always be a King with the tenacious heart of a warrior who has elevated the Heavyweight division back to its glory days in the US, you’ve never backed down and never will from any opponent and I am confident you will fulfill all of your dreams! And the journey continues with the same end goal,
“One face one name one champ” !”

She also teased Deontay Wilder’s next time in the ring.

“I love you, the kids love you, and you are loved by so many. Continue to give god the glory so we can get back our belt! @bronzebomber#WilderFury3 here we come!! #thesagacontinues#stillourchamp#bombzquad

The rematch could certainly happen as Deontay Wilder’s contract includes a rematch clause.

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Authored by: Char Patterson