Eva Marcille Said She ‘Truly Believes’ Kevin McCall Struggles w/ A Mental Illness [WATCH]

Kevin McCall, Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille Said She ‘Truly Believes’ Kevin McCall Struggles w/ A Mental Illness [WATCH]

Eva Marcille is still not here for Kevin McCall, the biological father of her daughter Marley. 

Marley Rae, Eva Marcille

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s husband Michael Sterling is currently in the process of officially adopting Marley. Her last name was officially changed from McCall to Sterling last year.

While they still have to go through the adoption process, Eva Marcille told Wendy Williams Thursday (Feb. 27) that Kevin McCall is

“making things a little easier for us acting crazy in the public. I knew it behind closed doors.”

She said Kevin McCall has sued her for full custody, child support, and for Marley’s last name to be changed back to his. She referenced how his court appearance ended with him in handcuffs after he got physical with a deputy. He’s facing three felony counts in Georgia.

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reported in December that his suit was permanently dismissed.

Eva Marcille confirmed,

“The judge threw out [the] case with prejudice, so he cannot try to get custody of her again.”

She said she went years without talking about their drama

“because it’s embarrassing as hell. It’s not something you want to talk about. It’s not something you’re proud of. It’s not something that’s easy to even say.”

She added that she speaks to one of his sisters regularly, but not the rest of his family. She revealed,

“He’s estranged from his family. His mom has a restraining order against him, one of his sisters does, it’s bad. It’s bad. So I just pray.”

She said she’s not against Marley spending time with his sister.

“She’s not in contact with him at all. He’s slap crazy across the board. He’s no respecter of with his crazy. He’s crazy to everyone.”

When asked if he was struggling with mental illness she said,

“I truly believe so, Wendy. I think it’s really easy to say ‘Oh he’s crazy.’ But I was explaining to a friend a sane person with a rational brain would not do the things that he does. So one could only get to the bottom of the fact that he cannot be rational. His brain cannot work like anyone else’s. A regular dad would not be away from their child the entire time they’ve been on this earth. They wouldn’t be able to stomach it. He has to be not there.”

She said she didn’t see any of these red flags when they were dating before they welcomed Marley.

“That’s the problem because we didn’t date long enough. It was sex, it was a quick little relationship, it was not like the whole stars and moon and love and all that. I mean, it’s the truth.”

She said she “prays’ that they can be cordial one day.

“I pray and I know that God’s amazing. Look at my life now.” 

She commended her husband and added,

“Mike’s the most amazing part of all of this because he keeps me together.”

Eva Marcille & Michael Sterling circa 2016

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Authored by: Char Patterson