JT of The City Girls Says She’s Humbled After Serving Time In Jail: I Had To Swallow My Pride

JT of The City Girls Says She’s Humbled After Serving Time In Jail: “I Had To Swallow My Pride”

Period! City Girls rapper, JT is reflecting on her progress since being released from prison back in October. On Wednesday (Mar. 4th), JT (real name Jatavia Johnson), 27, took to her Twitter with a lengthy message on her troubling experience that changed her life behind bars. She says her higher power put her in a position to change for their better. She tweeted,

“I’m so proud of myself, I completed my sentence. No gain time lost, no set backs. It was so many times I had to swallow my pride.”

As reported, in October JT was reportedly transferred from FCI Tallahassee to a halfway house in the Atlanta area. She continued her message and spoke on some of her most difficult decisions.

“Letting complete strangers control me, my money, or status couldn’t save me. God really put me in that position to humble me cause I was reckless.”

JT was locked up in 2018 on felony charges regarding alleged identity theft involving alleged credit card fraud. She was slated to be released in 2020 but got out early.

Just months after her release from prison, JT says she still feels under the control of authorities. She tweets,

“The system is pathetic, gave me 2 years about some bulls*it.”

She also says,

“I’m still in custody, sadly they have control over everything STILL!”

As of now, JT has seemingly moved on and recently celebrated her birthday in December. She was even gifted a G-Wagon for her birthday from none other than her boss, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, co-founder of Quality Control.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette