Britney Spears Youngest Son Says She Might ‘Quit’ Music, Slams Britney’s Dad: He Can Go Die! 

Britney Spears Youngest Son Says She Might ‘Quit’ Music, Slams Britney’s Dad: He Can Go Die!

Britney Spears, 38, might be over the music industry. The iconic singer’s youngest son, Jayden Federline, 13, took to his Instagram live on Tuesday (Mar. 3rd), dishing details about his mother’s thoughts on continuing her legacy. In his live, Jayden Federline reveals that his mom might quit music. When asked about his Mom’s wellbeing he says,

“What’s going on with my mom? I’ll tell you guys the whole story about my mom and stuff if I get 5,000 followers on my Instagram. That stuff will come out way in the future [when] I get really popular.”

Jayden Federline continued to fire off answers from his followers who wondered whether Spears, who quit her Las Vegas residency a little over a year ago, would be releasing any new music soon.
“Actually I haven’t seen her doing a lot of music at all. I don’t think that … I don’t know, dude. I don’t even know. I remember one time I asked her, I said, ‘Mom, what happened to your music?’ and she was like, ‘I don’t know, honey. I think I might just quit it.’ I’m like, ‘What? What are you saying? Like, do you know how much bank you make off of that stuff?’”

When asked if he would get into trouble with his father for his livestream he said,

“I mean, my dad doesn’t care. I have the best dad ever. My dad’s literally Jesus.”

But it doesnt look like he feels the same about his grandfather, Britney Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, who was made conservator for the superstar since 2008. He stepped down in 2019 as he battled serious health issues.

Back in September, Jayden and his older brother, 14-year-old Sean Federline, were granted a temporary restraining order against their grandfather. According to reports, at the time Sean Federline and Jamie Federline got into an alleged verbal argument at Jamie Spears’s home which turned physical, though Sean Federline did not have any visible bruises or injuries following the alleged incident.

However, Jayden had a few adult words for his grandfather. He says on his live,

“A jerk. Yeah, he’s a pretty big d*ck.”

He adds,

“He can go die.”

See Jayden’s live below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette