Megan Thee Stallion Appears On ESPN’s ‘First Take’ [VIDEO]

Megan Thee Stallion Joins ESPN’s ‘First Take’ To Discuss Houston Rockets & New Music

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion for the first time appeared on ESPN’s ‘First Take,’ on Thursday (Mar. 5th), joining host Molly Querim Rose, Max Kellerman, and Stephen A. Smith. During Megan’s appearance, the conversation was mostly centered around women in rap music, her new music set for release following her record label controversy over Megan’s recording contract with 1501’s Carl Crawford. See the latest here.

The Houston native starts with the discussion of the rise of female artist. Megan says she’s all about being unified.

“We’re all rappers, but we’re not in the same lane. Just because the subject might be the same, we’re talking about it in a different way. I don’t believe in stepping on nobody’s toes to win.”

Megan also discusses her new music set to drop today (Mar. 6th), after a long battle with her record label and Crawford of 1501 Entertainment. Megan explains that she’s taking on another persona for this next EP called ‘Suga.’ Megan says,

“Suga, she’s more like, ‘I know I mess up sometimes. I’m not perfect. I’m not trying to be perfect, but I’m trying.’”

She continues,

“Don’t strive for perfection, but strive for what’s perfect for you.”

Megan Thee Stallion

When the topics of sports was asked, Megan gave Rockets superstar James Harden a quick shout-out.

“They better go all the way. James Harden, we rooting for you. Win or lose, we still riding for you at the end of the day”

James Harden

The Houston rapper was asked about her thoughts on the Rockets head coach, Mike D’Antoni and Megan responded,


Check out the Interview below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette