Ari Fletcher Doesn’t Want G-Herbo’s Girlfriend Holding Their Son In Public

Ari, G Herbo, Taina Williams

Ari Fletcher Doesn’t Want G-Herbo’s Girlfriend Holding Their Son In Public

Things got a little sticky on social media after several photos were posted online of 2-year-old Yosohn and his dad, rapper G Herbo.  One of the pictures, however, is what led to Ari Fletcher asking the photographer to take down the now-deleted photo. The picture showed Taina Williams, the current girlfriend of G Herbo, holding the toddler. The photographer also tagged Ari Fletcher.

Taina Williams, G Herbo

On Instagram, a social media fan questioned the photographer’s actions and Ari responded,

“I don’t want my son in public with her holding him because she told me out her own mouth that Yosohn does not like her.  So I don’t want my son uncomfortable.”

As no surprise, the remark began to spread quickly. G Herbo posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story, leaving fans to believe he directed the words at his ex, Ari.  He wrote,

It didn’t take long for Ari to respond with a cryptic message of her own.  She wrote,

Missing from the action was the one person who was targeted, Taina Williams.  She hasn’t responded to the back and forth messages, but the photographer who initially posted the photo did have something to say.

Matt McNair took to his IG story to address the ordeal.  He said,

“Just to let y’all know, I’m not messy at all. I was just at the event doing my job, taking pictures.”

He continued,

“I just decided to tag her, because…I actually had to Google her to look at who she was so I could tag.  I figured I got a dope picture of your son.”

As of now, it looks as though things have settled down for a bit.  Do you think Ari Fletcher has a point?  Share with us below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers