Bow Wow Arrested Following Alleged Assault On Ex, Woman Also Charged

Bow Wow Arrested in Atlanta Following Alleged Assault on Woman

Bow Wow was arrested following an alleged assault on a woman during a Super Bowl weekend celebration at an Atlanta nightclub. Bow, 31, whose real name is Shad Moss, was involved in some sort of dispute between the rapper/actor and ex girlfriend  Leslie Holden (Kiyomi Leslie) from Growing Up Hip-Hop at 4:15 AM Saturday. When officers arrived, Kiyomi claimed Bow Wow assaulted her. Moss claimed a different side of the story.


According to reports, Officers said they were unable to determine the prime aggressor of their altercation at 4am, so both were charged with battery.

Both Moss and Kiyomi sustained minor injuries. Moss looks to have taken a few cuts to his forehead and under his right eye. Moss’s bond’s been set at $8k.

Kiyomi recently spoke about Moss during a interview stating:

“I didn’t move on pretty fast. I didn’t do nothing. That man was at a game. He tried to one up me, so you know. We’re both very dominant, we both have egos. We both have very big pride. It’s no beef, so when you say, ‘cool,’ it’s like, (Silence).”

Reportedly, they have reconciled since this interview.

Neither have released a statement.

Authored by: Gregory Molette