Keri Hilson Denies Plastic Surgery: I Did NOT Get A Nose Job

Keri Hilson

The R&B songstress denies getting plastic surgery, despite looking noticeably different in throwback picture.

Grammy-nominated singer Keri Hilson is in the spotlight again. Friday (April 10) she shared throwback pictures of her and her family on social media in celebration of National Siblings Day. She joked about her ’90s hairstyle and captioned the throwback:

“That one time I wore two french rolls & Decatured up the family pic…”

But her hair was not what caught the attention of some fans. One fan pointed out a difference in her facial features.:

“Your nose job was spectacular. Excellent surgery”

The plastic surgery accusation did not sit well with Keri Hilson and she immediately denied ever going under the knife, crediting her makeup skills as the reason for her new look.

  “It’s called discovering the joys of contour.”

Though many of Keri Hilson’s peers in the entertainment industry have proudly received plastic surgery, she says she has not:

“You can take that line a looooot of places BUT here. I’ve explained this a million times throughout the years. Anyone who knows me personally will tell you I’ve never touched any parts of my entire body & yes that includes my face”

Keri Hilson has been very quiet the past few years when it comes to her music, with many fans even saying she was “washed up”, but she announced that she will finally return to in 2020 and will also star in the upcoming “New York Undercover” reboot.

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Authored By: Eugene Smilez

Authored by: Eugene Smilez