Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judge Jay Alexander Rolls His Eyes When Asked About Winnie Harlow [WATCH]

Jay Alexander, Winnie Harlow

Former ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Judge Jay Alexander Rolls His Eyes When Asked About Winnie Harlow [WATCH]

Two of our favorite former Americas Next Top Model Judge’s , Jay Alexander, 62,  and Jay Manuel, 47,  reunited on Friday (April 17th) VIA Instagram Live. They joined forces to reminisce on past seasons of the hit show and to ‘spill the tea’ on the different cycles throughout the years. During the chat, Jay Manuel asked Jay “Miss J” Alexander what his thoughts were about Winnie Harlow, who competed for the title in the 21st cycle that aired in 2014, and if the show helped jumpstart her career. In the midst of the question, Miss J was seen rolling his eyes at the mention of her name.

Back in 2018, The Canadian fashion model was on an episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen and made some controversial comments about the competition series. When asked, at what point she realized that she made it, Harlow answered,

“It really started after the show, because that didn’t really do anything for my career, which it really doesn’t do anything for any model’s career, realistically.” 

Her comments sparked a lot of controversy. Show creator and supermodel Tyra Banks also appeared on an episode of What What Happens Live,  and when asked about Winnie’s comments, she had this to say,

Did she say that? I discovered her on Instagram. Well, come on, I discovered her on Instagram, and she’s on this show, so what do you think that means? I have nothing but love for my girls, and my girls come from so many walks of life and so much pain and so much hardship and so much story. And a lot of the times, when people express themselves in certain ways, there’s a reason. I will respect her confidentiality and her life. I have to give love to her because they’re all my babies. Even the ones that act out are still my babies.”

It looks like Jay Alexander is still feeling a way about Winnie Harlow’s comments. Both Miss J and Jay Manuel were judge’s on America’s Next Top Model for several years and played an integral part, quickly becoming fan favorites. Good to see that the two are still close.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole