Kevin Hart Hilariously Clowns Regina Hall’s Appearance [VIDEO]

Kevin Hart Hilariously Clowns Regina Hall’s Appearance [VIDEO]

While almost of everyone is struggling with maintaining a ‘perfect’ appearance during quarantine, Kevin Hart and his good friend Regina Hall have created an entire skit surrounding this.

In the clip, Regina Hall and her good friend and past movie co-star comedian Kevin Hart are video chatting when Kevin noticed her hair and immediately looked shocked putting his hand over his mouth. Regina with and upset look replied:

What is it, what is it!?”

Kevin Hart did his best to cheer her up:

Who’s the pretty girl? Where is she at?

Thinking his phone is on mute, Kevin Hart calls out to his wife to come look a Regina Hall’s hair all while Regina is hilariously trying to tell him that he is not on mute. Check out the video below.

After the clip went viral, Regina Hall tweeted:

Now more than ever it’s important to stay safe so we as a community make it through this.

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Authored by: Eugene Smilez