Master P & Romeo Miller Launch Icon Noodles w/ Rap Snacks: We’re Changing The Game!

Master P & Romeo Miller Launch Icon Noodles w/ Rap Snacks: We’re Changing The Game!

Father and son duo, Master P and Romeo, have been collaborating in music and business for years and from the looks of it, they’ve launched into a new venture together. Rap Snacks has been dubbed The Official Snacks of Hip Hop Since 1994, and now, according to ABC News Radio, Master P has partnered with businessman James Lindsay for a relaunch of the company.  The newest products in the line of rap snacks are Rap Icon Noodles.

Romeo posted a video to share his good news with his dad with the caption.

“Me and my dad @masterp are night and day, but we are on the same mission, and that’s why we work so well together. What one lacks, the other has, but we never compare and compete. My message today is to simply work together; the Bible even says not to compete but to dominate. It’s not too many people that look like us that OWNS billion dollar companies, and we plan to blaze a path so all of that changes. The more we make, the more we can give.”

He went on to compare their brand to the infamous Ramen noodles.

Ramen noodles has made over a trillion dollars since 1971. How much of that money goes back into our communities? Be inspired! Be creative! And know that if they can do it, then so can YOU. We are changing the game with our @officialrapsnacks Rap Noodles. Low sodium vegan flavors coming soon! #WeAllWeGot#FamilyBusiness#Ownership

The video shares to the two of them announcing the news:

Master P: “Icon Noodles, we gotta celebrate, Rome.  We in chain stores all across the world.  You know how hard it is to get products into chain stores?”

Romeo: “Not just to be the face of it but to own.”

Master P: “Yeah cause it’s a lot of people that say they own the company but they the face of it.  And, uh, to be African American owned an American-owned product, this is a blessing.”

Romeo: “This is big.”

Master P: “And we are changing, we’re getting better. The vegan brand is coming real soon.  But I want to ask y’all one thing out there.  Who own Ramen Noodles?  Do y’all know?  Probably don’t.  But this guy come over to this country and made a trillion dollars.”

Romeo: “A trillion dollars business.  Nobody’s critiquing that person.”

Master P: “No.”

Romeo: “They don’t know who…”

Master P: “The first thing they ask us is, ‘how much sodium in it?’ Know what? We’ve been buying this from somebody else.”

Romeo: “For centuries.”

Master P: “We put, we put money back into the community.  We’ve been doing it for over twenty-one years.  The more we make…”.

Romeo: “The more we give.”

Master P: “And guess what, we gotta start somewhere.  Trust the process.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers