Azriel Clary Poses In Skimpy Bikini On The Beach After Cutting Up R. Kelly’s Versace Coat [WATCH]

Azriel Clary, R. Kelly

Azriel Clary Poses In Skimpy Bikini On The Beach After Cutting Up R. Kelly’s Versace Coat [WATCH]

Since returning home to her family after allegedly being held against her will by disgraced singer R. Kelly, Azriel Clary has been heating up social media with her accounts of the abuse she allegedly endured. Azriel Clary is also showing off her talents, and now her assets!

Azriel Clary hit the beach for a steamy photoshoot, showing off her body in a skimpy pink bikini.

Her caption read:

“@azrielmostwanted I was wishin on a star, when I was that.”

Azriel’s beach takeover comes after cutting up R. Kelly’s plaid Versace coat – an action that she calls “therapy” She took the time to get rid of the singer’s clothing during a live YouTube broadcast after reading comments criticizing her for keeping items belonging to him.

She said:

“Now b*tch, we gon’ get some therapy out in this motherf*cker. ‘Cause I’m tired of motherf*ckers…a f*cking coat didn’t abuse me!…a man did! So get your priorities together. You sound so stupid when you defend somebody. And since this coat means so much, let’s just cut it up, y’all!…We gon’ cut up this Versace. ‘Cause look- a b*tch don’t give a f*ck about materialistic stuff. I really don’t…I do not care. I am not the one. I will tear up all your sh*t in your face! Let’s get some therapy in! I’m so sorry, Donatella!”

Azriel’s mother, Alice, made an appearance and hugged her daughter.

She continued:

“I’m fine. This is what people fail to realize – materialistic stuff did not abuse me, no matter how much stuff I walked away with. That is not what abused me. That is not what was toxic to me. Clothes were not manipulating me- a f*cking man was. You sound very very stupid supporting someone who has abused so many people.”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay