Oprah Says Being Accused Of Sex Trafficking Was Her ‘Worst Fear’: I Can’t Imagine An Uglier Accusation

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Says Being Accused Of Sex Trafficking Was Her ‘Worst Fear’: I Can’t Imagine An Uglier Accusation

It’s no secret many refused to believe reports that Oprah Winfrey was arrested for child trafficking as they spread earlier this year. The rumor was part of a QAnon conspiracy theory ( which claims that Democrats are involved in a satanic child sex trafficking organization) and reported that her Boca Raton, Florida home was raided by officials amid alleged sex trafficking charges, according to The Daily Mail. The reports also claimed that she was arrested and authorities uncovered a secret tunnel in her home where the alleged sex trafficking took place. She wasted no time in addressing the rumor on Twitter in March.


In the recent issue of Oprah Magazine, Oprah Winfrey reveals the fears she had when she was accused of being arrested.

Oprah Winfrey states,

“Imagine sitting cozily in bed, propped up on your favorite pillows, 240 pages into a riveting family saga—when you get a phone call telling you you’re trending on Twitter. And you discover it’s a bogus and vile story that you were arrested and your home was raided for sex trafficking and child pornography. I can’t and don’t want to imagine an uglier accusation.”

Oprah reveals what her greatest fear was, and how it actually came true that day saying,

“My worst fear realized. Being slandered, accused of a crime I didn’t commit.”

Oprah says that ever since the day that she pulled a wagon of fat on stage on her famous talk show back in 1988, she has been the subject of rumors.


“I was exploited regularly with false, crude, inappropriate stories about me and food. And then about me and Stedman [Graham]. And me and Gayle [King]. Anything and everything that could sell a tabloid. Every week, another lie to ignore or deny. I never got used to it.”

Oprah then relates her anxiety with the tabloids to when she would get beaten by her grandmother saying,

“And yet when a false rumor—or a vile, disgusting attack—is contrived and amplified through social media, I’m still hit with the same anxiety I felt as a child prolonging the walk to find a switch for my grandmother to lash me with.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla