Oprah Shuts Down Claims She Was Arrested For Sex Trafficking: “It’s NOT TRUE”

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Shuts Down Claims She Was Arrested For Sex Trafficking: “It’s NOT TRUE”

Oprah Winfrey has spoken out after reports claimed she was taken into custody for sex trafficking.

It was previously reported that a QAnon conspiracy theory reported that her Boca Raton, Florida home was raided by officials amid alleged sex trafficking charges, according to The Daily Mail. The reports also claimed that she was arrested and that authorities uncovered a secret tunnel in her hope where the alleged sex trafficking took place.

They also suggested that Tom Hanks’ recent quarantine after being diagnosed with the coronavirus was just a coverup for his alleged arrested.

The controversial QAnon conspiracy theories suggest that Democrats are involved in a satanic child sex trafficking organization.

The reports went viral to the point where she started trending on Twitter.

Oprah Winfrey ultimately took to Twitter to address the claims. She wrote early Wednesday morning (March 18),

“Just got a phone call that my name is trending. And being trolled for some awful FAKE thing. It’s NOT TRUE. Haven’t been raided, or arrested. Just sanitizing and self distancing with the rest of the world. Stay safe everybody.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson