LisaRaye Prepping New Reality Show With Vivica A. Fox: We Won’t Be Walking Across Tables & Throwing Glasses

Vivica Fox and LisaRaye

LisaRaye Prepping New Reality Show With Vivica A. Fox: We Won’t Be Walking Across Tables & Throwing Glasses

LisaRaye has officially confirmed that there will be a reality show with Vivica A. Fox coming soon.

theJasmineBRAND broke the story in 2019, that the friends were prepping a reality show and now it’s been confirmed. In a recent interview with 107.5 WGCI, the actress shared that she also asked actress Jazsmin Lewis to join, but the final cast decisions haven’t been made yet. LisaRaye goes on to describe what the show will not include.

The interviewer asks LisaRaye if she would come back to reality tv, in which LisaRaye says yes that she is going back to reality tv. LisaRaye continued on saying,

“I said yeah because Vivica [A. Fox] and I are in talks with a couple of our other friends…actress Jazsmin Lewis as well about a reality show. One thing’s for sure is that definitely we have to compete within the reality shows that they have now but we’re not signing up to do that type of reality show because I really am a firm believer of life is so drama-filled by itself and on its own til I don’t need the producers playing puppeteer behind the scenes.”


When discussing the drama filled aspect of reality tv that we see today, LisaRaye says that is not what her show will be about. It will feature the ladies getting advice from one another and creating a sisterhood,

“I don’t need that. I got s**t going on automatically and already that I can divulge and share because you guys out there just might have some solutions for me that I can say hey, help a sister out because that’s what reality is supposed to be about. That’s why we share our stories because it’s like ‘did you ever go through this?’ because girl, sister tell me what did you do? And then I can tell you what I’ve done so you can take a little bit of this person, this person, and that person mix it all with your prayers ‘cause God’s got a funny way of putting you on your butt to put you on your knees so you can get it all together.”

She explains that she doesn’t want the violence and cheating but does admit that certain things may slip out at times,

“But none of that walking across the table and throwing glasses at my girlfriend and trying to sleep with my girlfriend’s husband and trying to show disloyalty and dishonesty. It’s like ah I’m too grown for that. You know what I mean? I do believe in TMI, too much information, I tell you guys what I want you to know. Sometimes some stuff may slip out and I might go oh….but it’s never gonna be anything embarrassing where I go damn! I just didn’t mean to say that one.”

Vivica A. Fox

It is interesting that LisaRaye says that there will be no drama conjured up by the producers given that she and Vivica have had a long history together, and even considered themselves besties, until they had a falling out.

Michael Misick & Lisa Raye McCoy circa 2006

The friendship allegedly ended due to claims by LisaRaye that Vivica shared her most intimate secrets with her ex-husband, Michael Misick, after their split. This alleged drama may or may not be played out on the series.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla