Ashanti Recalls Having To Convince Diddy That A Song She Wrote For J. Lo Wasn’t About Him

Ashanti, Diddy, Jennifer Lopez

Ashanti Recalls Having To Convince Diddy That A Song She Wrote For J. Lo Wasn’t About Him

Singer Ashanti has been busy lately. Be she took time to hop on IG Live with her long-time collaborator Fat Joe.

During the conversation, Fat Joe directly asked her about her love life. He said,

“Do you have a love now, a love interest now?”

Ashanti hesitated but then revealed,

“A little something something, a little lituation”

She went on to explain that she doesn’t do situationships,

“People have situationships, I’m like yo either we together or not like what is this s**t in the middle?”

Fat Joe also asked Ashanti about the rumors of whether she wrote for Jennifer Lopez or not, Ashanti confirms saying,

“Absolutely. I wrote the ‘Ain’t It Funny’ remix and I believe Ja [Rule] wrote the hook. That was during the time that her[Jennifer] and Puff [Diddy] were going through that situation and on everything I love, Puff hit up somebody from the label and was like ‘Yo is she talking about me’ and I was like ‘No I promise it’s not about you.”

Fat Joe pointed out that Ashanti and Ja Rule made so many songs together that people started to think that they were dating. But Ashanti insisted it wasn’t true.

“Our chemistry was so ill, we never messed with each other like it never was even a thing. So we could not see each other for months and we would be at an awards show and perform on stage and it would look like we’ve been together the whole day. Even sometimes we would be coordinated with our outfits. It’s crazy to have that kind of chemistry with someone you’re not in a relationship with. Ja is my brother.”

Fat Joe also brought up the Murder Inc vs G Unit beef back in the day and asks Ashanti if she felt caught up in the drama. She says yes and explains,

“I definitely felt like the innocent bystander. I definitely felt like I had nothing to do with it, like guilty by association. And its crazy because my ex was from Queens and when I told him everything I was doing he was like yo be careful with that 50 [Cent] dude. And I was like well that has nothing to do with me he’s never gonna say anything about me and then I started hearing stuff and I was like what? The mentality is if y’all together then we going after everybody, even the innocent people.”

In terms of Ashanti’s latest music, she recently had a feature on “Nasty” with DaBaby and Megan thee Stallion. Joe congratulated her about the song but she revealed that it was very vulgar for her at first.

“I called a lot of people because the verse was very very vulgar. When we were in the studio together in L.A I just laid a hook down, he [DaBaby] was just doing his verse. When he sent it to me I was like damn. And when he called he was like listen imma put Megan [thee Stallion] on there and she’s gonna balance it out. I was like oh okay. So when I heard it I was like now its fire, it was like we were going back and forth on the song. You know what’s crazy he was so nice so humble he had dope manners, he was very accommodating and he has a really big heart and it all turned out well. When I first heard it I played it for my DJ, I played it for my dad and he was like ‘What the f**k? He’s like nah turn it down a little.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla