Future’s Baby Mama Eliza Reign Is Suing The Rapper For Slander & Emotional Distress

Future, Eliza Reign

Future’s Baby Mama Eliza Reign Is Suing The Rapper For Slander & Emotional Distress

Eliza Reign (real name Eliza Seraphin) is suing rapper Future for allegedly slandering her name and making false claims against her. She also accused him of asking her to have an abortion, according to the court documents.

Eliza Reign’s countersuit alleges that the rapper said she sleeps around for financial gain, has a mental health disorder, and called her a “h*e” after he claimed she “stole my last name.”

Eliza Reign’s evidence against the rapper is reportedly a series of text messages that Future allegedly sent her such as,

“let your lawyers speak for u at this point! u bogus, stole my last name now u want to b relevant jus fall back off the net trying to to prove a point.”

Another text that Future allegedly sent Eliza Reign reads,

“TMZ this b***h stole my last name I think that’s what i heard! I will never respect a clout chasing b***h NEVERRRRRRR FOH.”

The most shocking allegation is Eliza saying that Future allegedly threatened to have her killed while she was pregnant “in an attempt to coerce her to terminate her pregnancy.”

Eliza alleged that she took the claims very seriously and reported the threat to the police.

It was recently revealed that Future (real name Nayvadius Wilburn) was confirmed to be the father of Eliza Reign’s 1-year-old daughter Reign. The pair have been partaking in an ongoing court battle over Eliza’s daughter. Eliza Reign is currently suing the rapper for paternity, custody, and child support in addition to this recent emotional distress lawsuit.

Eliza Reign, Future

Once the paternity results were revealed to social media, the rapper posted a cryptic message on twitter writing,

“Teach these h*es how to keep they business off the internet..

U run to the internet.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla