Kathy Griffin Responds To Donald Trump’s Diabetes Comment: “F*ck Trump!”

Kathy Griffin Responds To Donald Trump’s Diabetes Comment: “F*ck Trump!”

Comedienne Kathy Griffin has never been one to bite her tongue when it comes to political matters – especially those involving Donald Trump. On Tuesday, (5/26/20) Donald Trump asked White House guests whether or not he should be using insulin at a diabetes event. He said:

“Today I am proud to announce we have reached a breakthrough agreement to dramatically slash the out-of-pocket costs of insulin. You know what’s happened to insulin over the years, right? Through the roof…I don’t use insulin, should I be?”

Kathy Griffin hopped into the conversation, tweeting this response:

“Syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick.”

She cemented her stance with this salutation:


Yikes! This isn’t Kathy’s first rodeo when it comes to airing her grievances with the impeached POTUS. In 2017, she issued an apology after posing in a photoshoot in which she’s depicted holding Donald Trump’s bloody, decapitated head.

Kathy Griffin even publicly criticized comedy favorite Kevin Hart for not speaking out against Trump in his 2018 stand-up run, the “Irresponsible Tour.” She said:

“I do feel like this is such an anxiety-ridden time for everyone that there is a thirst for all kinds of comedy. And look, if you want to not hear about Trump at all, go see Kevin Hart. He doesn’t even mention Trump. I personally think that’s a p***y move because he’s a black man. But I guess he’s selling more tickets than I ever will.”

Kevin Hart

Here’s how social media feels about Kathy Griffin’s response to Donald Trump’s diabetes flub:


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Authored by: Miata Shanay