Khia Accuses Quality Control CEO Of Not Paying Her For City Girls’ “My Neck My Back” Sample

Khia Accuses Quality Control CEO Of Not Paying Her For City Girls’ “My Neck My Back” Sample

Miami natives certainly have a way with words. Rapper/social media sensation Khia is living proof of that. She angrily took to social media to blast Quality Control Music CEO, Pierre “Pee” Thomas. She claims she was never paid for the sample of her song, “My Neck My Back,” that was used on the City Girls‘ song, “F*ck That N*gga.” Khia spewed her allegations along with a slew of insults about Pee’s two unborn children:

“Q! P! B*tch you know I’m mad at you, ’cause you let them ol dirty a** City Girls sample my sh*t and you didn’t pay me, while you act like you got so much motherf*ckin’ money! You ugly fat neck b*tch! And you got them two hoes pregnant! Two friends supposed to be pregnant from yo’ ugly a** at the same time! You know if you didn’t have no money them hoes wouldn’t be with yo’ ugly fat-faced a**! But if you was a real n*gga, you would’ve called the Queen, and write for them ol’ dirty ugly a** hoes – the City Girls – and you would’ve paid me! You know? So you think, ‘Oh, I ain’t gon’ put the single on the album,’ you know, ”Cause I don’t wanna pay Khia.’ No, f*ck-n*gga, you payin’ me these hoes! Why you ain’t pay a real b*tch? That’s why I don’t like you f*ck a** n*ggas! F*ck you, Quality Control! F*ck you, QC! I love you, Coach K. You know, I like a older man with- I like that Coach K. Now, I love you, now. We done done some business. But you should’ve told that f*ck n*gga to pay me!”

Instead of exchanging insults, Pee proceeded to gather several receipts in the form of official paperwork and emails proving that he forked over a $10,000 check to the publishing company that owns the master copy of Khia’s song. His caption read:

“@qcmceo_p Khia,

Thanks for listening to City Girls.
I just want to let you know we cleared “My Neck, My Back” with E1 who owns the master and Memory Lane and Third Side Music on the publishing.
I suggest you reach out to your publisher regarding the clearance. We have the agreements for the use and everyone was paid.

You definitely set the pace with your monumental track. Keep blasting the City Girls.


Oop! The first email states that Khia would receive $4,000 for the City Girls’ use of “My Neck My Back.” Check out his receipts below:

It seems Pierre “Pee” Thomas used Khia’s harsh comments about his signees, the City Girls, as promotion. He posted a clip from their “F*ck That N*gga” video that used Khia’s sample with the following caption:

“@qcmceo_p Period And Girl Code Out Now @citygirls”

City Girls member, Caresha “Yung Miami” Brownlee issued a subliminal Instagram response to Khia’s insults with a video from fellow Miami rapper, Plies, that seems to sum up how she feels. Plies can be heard saying:

“I can’t argue with you! No! You mad! Look at you!You mad! You big mad! I’m happy! Leave me alone! I just want some money – a lot of money. I don’t get paid to argue with you! No! Who is you? You ain’t nobody! You mad!”

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????? look at you ?

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Yung Miami also thought Pee’s use of receipts was hilarious.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay