Kenya Moore Hints At Having Another Child w/ Husband Marc Daly: It’s A Sensitive Subject

Kenya Moore, Marc Daly, daughter Brooklyn

Kenya Moore Hints At Having Another Child w/ Husband Marc Daly: Time Is Ticking!

It’s clear from her social media posts to her adorable appearances on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Brooklyn Daly is the light of her mother, Kenya Moore‘s life. Kenya Moore often shares how she battled with fertility issues and even could have died during her high-risk childbirth experience – but she recently revealed that she’s considering welcoming baby number two with her estranged husband, Marc Daly.

Now, she might be ready for baby number two!

Kenya Moore says that at 49-years-old, her biological clock is ticking:

“It’s a conversation that we’re still trying to figure out, honestly. But I really feel, more and more, that I do [want to]. Time is ticking, and I want them to be close in age and it’s a sensitive subject.”

She says that surrogacy raises concerns for Marc Daly, who already had children prior to their marriage:

“It’s scary for him too…because Brooklyn’s not his only child, so for him, it’s like, ‘Well, how many children will I have?’ So I think that is probably the biggest issue for him. But I don’t think he thinks he can love anyone more than he loves Brooklyn and his other children right now, so I don’t know. They have a really strong, strong bond. And I think his fear is that, ‘What if the child comes and I don’t have this kind of bond with him because you didn’t carry her or we’re still figuring out our relationship?’”

Marc Daly, Brooklyn Daly, Kenya Moore

Figuring out their relationship was one of Kenya Moore’s key storylines on this past season of RHOA. The former beauty queen filed for divorce last fall, but she and Marc have, since, reconciled. She revealed that they are engaged in therapy, and have been getting along better than ever. Kenya Moore told Andy Cohen last month:

“He wants to work on the marriage. He wants to be a better person…I think when you’re married, you have to try everything to stay together. And if you exhaust everything, then you’ll have your answer at the end of the day. Right now, if he’s going to be a changed person – yes…We’re actually getting along better than we’ve got along shortly after we got married. It’s just been no arguments, no real fights or disagreements. He’s been really sweet and caring and thoughtful. It’s like, ‘Wow! This is the man I married!'”

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Authored by: Miata Shanay