Virgil Abloh Responds To Backlash For $50 Donation To Protestors’ Bail Fund: I’ve Donated $20,500

Virgil Abloh Responds To Backlash For $50 Donation To Protestors’ Bail Fund: I’ve Donated $20,500

Update #2 (June 2nd): Virgil Abloh has responded after receiving backlash for donating $50 to protestors’ bail fund.

He took to social media to share a lengthy story after becoming the subject for criticism. He began by detailing basic facts about himself, including being afraid for his life when he goes to the grocery store in Chicago.

He went on to say that his status as a fashion designer doesn’t make him exempt from racial profiling or the potential of police brutality. He added,

“as a black person, I have felt anger, sadness, and pain every time one of us is held victim of prejudice or systemic racism. i am proud to stand in solidarity with every movement to eradicate racism and police violence. racism has to stop. it is literally killing us.”

He then spoke on his controversial $50 donation and said he was simply joining other celebs that were matching donations of that amount, and suggested that it wasn’t his only donation. In fact, he said he’s donated $20,500 to the cause.

He also vowed to donate more in the future.

See the rest of his statement below:

Original Story: Louis Vuitton artistic director/Off-White designer Virgil Abloh is making headlines – not for his groundbreaking work in the fashion industry, but for what some are calling a stingy donation towards the Black Lives Matter movement. What started as protests regarding the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd, ending with more violent incidents with police across the country and widespread looting in retailers from as basic as gas stations to luxury boutiques. One of those destroyed luxe storefronts belonged to Virgil Abloh’s friend, Sean Wotherspoon.

Virgil ranted on social media about having years of hard work destroyed at the hands of looters:

“our own communities, our own shops… this shop was built with blood sweat and tears. support the return.”

The designer, then, posted proof that he sent money via CashApp to the organization, FEMPOWER, to bail George Floyd protestors out of jail. Virgil Abloh’s caption read:

“the Miami community ~ im crazy inspired. for kids in the streets that need a bail funds for George Floyd protests.”

However, social media users quickly pointed out the $50 donation the designer offered. Them editor Michael Cuby tweeted:

“Virgil Abloh, artistic director for one the biggest fashion houses in the world, just posted a screenshot of his $50 donation to the “kids in the streets that need bail funds.” Fifty. F*cking. Dollars.”

Another Twitter user noted the difference between Virgil’s Instagram messages, and Sean Wotherspoon’s, whose store was destroyed.

Check out some of the backlash against Virgil Abloh’s donation below.

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Authored by: Miata Shanay