Ja Rule Urges Black Community To Stop Colorism: No More Light Skin, Dark Skin Separation

Ja Rule

Ja Rule Urges Black Community To Stop Colorism: No More Light Skin, Dark Skin Separation

Rapper Ja Rule,44, (real name Jeffrey Bruce Atkins) used his platform on Twitter to speak out against colorism within the black community. The New York native is calling for Blacks of all shades to stand as one. In his first tweet, Ja Rule wrote:


He then, followed that tweet by stating:

“Colorism is a big issue in our communities but it’s NOT rooted in hate… WE CAN FIX THIS!!!”

Ja Rule’s comment were met with many people who agreed that Colorism is an issue, and can be fixed within the community.

But, there were also some Twitter users who believed solving the issue of Colorism in the black community is not as easy as the “Mesmerize” rapper makes it out to be.

One user replied this to Ja Rule’s post:

“I’ll believe it when I see it. The whole damn music industry is part of the reason for this divide. If you want dark skin women/girls to stop talking about colorism then fix it and tell black men to stop saying dark skin girls are uglier than light skin girls. As far as I’m concerned, there will always be a divide and dark skin women are our own race until you, your colorist colleagues in the music industry and the rest of black men stop calling DSW roaches and comparing us to worthless dirt and dehumanizing us like white supremacists.”

Reality-TV star Tammy Rivera also spoke out against the matter, earlier this month (June 13). Tammy Rivera wrote:

I’ve been seeing this on the blogs lately..

Please during this time don’t ALLOW this to separate us,, Especially at this time! Let’s teach our babies better and continue to stand together as BLACK WOMAN PERIOD!

She also mentioned that she has suffered from Colorism.

We all have been subjected to being bullied whether it’s from light-skinned, dark-skinned, or whatever the case may be. I too have been, I guess what you would call a victim of colorism or someone saying like ‘oh she thinks she’s cute because she’s light-skinned.’ I’ve had people tell me all my life like ‘oh you like a dark-skinned girl. You don’t act like a red girl.’ And I really never could understand what that was because I just act like who I am but I think instead of us bickering about it as grown women and making it worse by saying ‘oh you light-skinned b**ches have been bullying us’ or ‘ you dark-skinned b**ches have been bullying us,’ how ’bout you teach your children different so that this cycle can stop?

Watch Tammy Rivera’s full message on Colorism, below.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones