Dame Dash Slams Lifetime & EOne For Allegedly Trying To Exploit His Relationship W/ Aaliyah

Dame Dash, Aaliyah

Dame Dash Slams Lifetime & EOne For Allegedly Trying To Exploit His Relationship W/ Aaliyah

Dame Dash continues the attack on TV networks as he shuts down production in his home. On Friday, July 3rd, Dame Dash posted a video of him yelling at Lifetime and EOne’s production crew, accusing them of trying to exploit his relationship with late singer Aaliyah. While it wasn’t clear what Dame Dash was filming, he hinted at doing funding his own production in the caption. He wrote,

“This is how I treat racist like Tara long from @eone_tv when she was trying to exploit my story with Aaliyah for @lifetimetv my question is …why is it that the only way a black persons story can only be told on a network only if it goes through a white production company or it won’t get told…let’s get to that…but at the end of the day this is how I been treating racist…lock them out your house and do it yourself “

Aaliyah and Dame Dash were reportedly dating at the time of her tragic death in 2001. Dame Dash has since married and divorced designer Rachel Roy and is now dating film producer Raquel Horn, who is currently pregnant. Dame Dash has actually said that Aaliyah has helped his and Raquel Horn’s relationship, even after her passing. He said,

“It’s funny, I’ll be talking to her [Raquel] and her [Aaliyah’s] record will come on and it would always be like validation. Lightning will go off or a butterfly will come. And I noticed when she’s trying to figure me out, she talks to Aaliyah.”

Raquel Horn added that she regularly speaks to Aaliyah for ways to strengthen her relationship with Dame Dash:

“I ask Aaliyah for advice and she usually answers. The death of Aaliyah was really hard on Damon. I feel like she guides me a lot and tells me how to react and tells me how to be the best lover. She is, definitely a daily part of our lives.”

Damon Dash previously filed a lawsuit against Wetv and EOne, alleging that the network and production company made his son, Boogie continue filming his issue with alcohol abuse in order to get higher ratings for “Growing Up Hip Hop.” He also alleged that Wetv is racist and trying to destroy his family.

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Authored by: Eugene Smilez