Damon Dash Speaks After Being Arrested For Back Child Support ‘Been Paid That S***’

Damon Dash

Damon Dash Speaks After Being Arrested For Back Child Support ‘Been Paid That S***’

Damon Dash is speaking out after being arrested and released under allegations that he owes almost $400,000 in back child support.

According to reporters, Damon Dash was arrested for back child support concerning his children with celebrity stylist Rachel Roy (who he has 2 daughters with) and Cindy Morales (who he has a son with).

Reports that Damon Dash allegedly owed the six-figure amount started earlier this year, and he reportedly said he had plans to pay it off. Still, he was taken into custody on Wednesday, when he was actually in Manhattan hoping to settle a couple of warrants.

He paid $1 million to get one warrant taken care of, and then went to another courthouse in an effort to handle the second one. Unfortunately, at least 7 officers approached him, handcuffed him, and booked him in the Bronx to pay the child support bill.

While the arrest was most likely unexpected, Dash said that the officers were really nice to him.

He was released shortly after.

Dash has since taken to Instagram to share his side of what happened.

In one clip, he’s seen saying,

“They never talk about the fact that I’ve owned a $100 million company for the last 10 years. They don’t talk about my television network, 24 hours, independent. Or Dame Dash studios streaming service… independent. They never talk about those things. That’s what I’m curious about, that narrative… Why is the narrative always I’m broke? When the President owes money it don’t mean s***, he gets elected. When I’m a businessman, I’m independent, I cut checks, and I make sure everyone knows it… But y’all don’t talk about that. And that’s what I wanna know. Is it because I’m Black? A Black man can’t take care of other people without being broke or independent?”

He added that he’ had already paid the money he allegedly owed.

“I went to turn myself in. What money? I already paid it. And I still walked in with cuffs. But I look good though so it doesn’t matter.”

He also addressed Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales in another video.

“Rachel and Cindy… it’s all been about money, which I’ve paid… They’re putting money before family values.”

He added the caption,

“This is what I really said #beenpaidthats***”


He also spoke on the issue once he got in the car.

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Authored by: Char Patterson