Nick Cannon Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Comments: “I Feel Ashamed”

Nick Cannon Tells University: I ain't apologizing for sh*t!

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Comments: “I Feel Ashamed”

Nick Cannon has posted an apology message via Twitter after he received criticism for anti-Semitic language used in a recent podcast episode. He was dropped by ViacomCBS after clips the podcast went viral. He wrote,

“First and foremost I extend my deepest and most sincere apologies to my Jewish sisters and brothers for the hurtful and divisive words that came out of my mouth during my interview with Richard Griffin. They reinforced the worst stereotypes of a proud and magnificent people and I feel ashamed of the uninformed and naïve place that these words came from. The video of this interview has since been removed.”

As previously reported, an episode of the Cannon’s Class podcast, featured Richard Griffin, aka Professor Griff, a former member of rap group Public Enemy. During the conversation, Cannon called Black people “the true Hebrews” and discussed anti-Semitic conspiracy theories with Griffin, who was pushed out of Public Enemy in the late 1980s after making homophobic and anti-Semitic comments in media interviews. He shared,

“It’s never hate speech. You can’t be anti-Semitic when we are the Semitic people, when we are the same people who they want to be. That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.”

Cannon also later wrote in a lengthy Facebook post,

“I must apologize to my Jewish Brothers and Sisters for putting them in such a painful position, which was never my intention, but I know this whole situation has hurt many people and together we will make it right. I have dedicated my daily efforts to continuing conversations to bring the Jewish community and the African American community closer together, embracing our differences and sharing our commonalities.”

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Authored by: Kellie Williams