EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Gizelle Bryant Talks Colorism, Whether She’d Marry Jamal Bryant Again & “Housewives”: If RHOA Wasn’t Successful, RHOP Would NOT Be Here

EXCLUSIVE: Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Gizelle Bryant Talks Colorism, Whether She’d Marry Jamal Bryant Again & “Housewives”: If RHOA Wasn’t Successful, RHOP Would NOT Be Here

Gizelle Bryant, cast member of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Potomac” is opening up about her life experience in front of and behind the camera, and whether she’d be a bride again.

During an EXCLUSIVE interview with theJasmineBRAND, “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant spoke on teaching her children about colorism, diversity among the “Housewives” franchise, and the possibility of remarrying in the future.

She revealed that the subject of colorism was first mentioned when her children were adolescents. She explains,

“When my children were young, they said that their mother was white. They would tell that to their friends. And, and one day they told me that and I was like, what do you mean. They were taking it from a child’s perspective of I’m white as in that’s the color of my skin, [and] not a race perspective. So, I was like, all them kids that you told I was white, you go back tomorrow and you tell them that your mommy is Black.” 

She continued:

“That then started the discussion of, yes, there is a such thing as [as] they got older, colorism within the Black community, which I hated because I’m just like we as a Black community have so much to deal with that I hate to ever see infighting. I feel like we’re all in this together so we shouldn’t be picking at each other. If we’re all equal, and if in this country were treated equally then fine let’s have some infight, but as of right now we don’t have time for that, at all.

When discussing diversity with the Housewives she says:

I think [there’s] seven housewives franchises. There are two that are Black. I think I think that you know I’ve said it several times that if Atlanta was not successful Potomac would not be here. Atlanta was successful. Thank you ladies. Thank you Kenya, thank you Nene, thank you Kandi, Porsha… all of them. I think they’re fantastic.” 

RHOA Season 12 cast

She added:

I think that they are starting to realize that Black people don’t just come in one box. We’re not the same so, there is an interest to see a lot of different personalities and Black people that come from different walks of life. I think they’re now realizing, oh there’s an interest in seeing that. So, I think they’re getting it.

The reality star and cosmetics entrepreneur also notably reunited with her ex-husband, megachurch pastor Jamal Bryant, who she has three daughters with. She told us whether she’d be for tying the knot with him again.

“It’s not off the table by any means. There’s a lot of other things that needs to be [in place]. My kids are in high school. I’m not moving my children out of high school. So, yes, [but] when, I don’t know.”

Gizelle Bryant mentioned that during the first season of the show, production wanted her to speak heavily on her life as a “First Lady”, from when she was first married to Jamal Bryant.

“When the show first started, season one, they wanted me to talk about that all the time, and, I was like, I’m not talking about that. That is my past, and, I didn’t want to be directly connected to him. I’m like we’ve been divorced for a very long time. The curiosity of people that want to know about first ladies and that life, and that lifestyle is intriguing because I didn’t realize that at the time but, now I get it. the book that I wrote which just kind of gives people a sneak peek into that whole world.”

Jamal Bryant, Gizelle Bryant

Gizelle also teases that during the upcoming season, which premieres on August 2, fans can expect to see

“a little bit more first lady-ish things.”

Watch the full interview with Gizelle Bryant below!

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Authored by: Cierra Jones