Phaedra Parks & Boyfriend Medina Islam Accused Of Faking Relationship On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’


Medina Islam, Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks & Boyfriend Medina Islam Accused Of Faking Relationship On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Phaedra Parks and her boyfriend Medina Islam have signed up for this season of Wetv’s Marriage Boot Camp, a show that chronicles the lives of couples who are in need of saving their relationship, but now, the couple is being accused of faking their relationship in the first place.

Phaedra Parks previously admitted that she and her new boo hadn’t had sex yet, and also confessed during the taping of the show that she hadn’t had “a lot of dates” prior to Marriage Bootcamp, but wanted to use the show as a means to gage “where he wants to go”.

Wanting to find out if they are compatible, she questioned,

“Are we marching to the same drum beat?”

After a segment in the show when the couples had to imitate each other, one of their co-stars urged them to kiss.

Not only did the other couples question the validity of their affection, but social media questioned the relationship, as a whole.

Phaedra Parks, 46, previously shared why she made the decision to hold out on adding sex to the equation with Medina Islam, 35 – adding that she feels she moved too quickly with her ex-boyfriend, Chicago radio host Tone Kapone:

“Well, it’s a decision I made. Medina was definitely totally against it, but for myself, I needed to know him in an intimate way outside of a physically intimate way because prior to Medina I dated a guy in Chicago. And that was a long distance relationship and it was very passionate, but when we became physical, it hindered us getting to know each other intimately on any other level.”

Prior to the show, Phaedra also mentioned that she was taking it slow with her boyfriend and admitted he hadn’t met her sons, whom she shares with ex-husband Apollo Nida, yet.

“He hasn’t met my kids yet. We’re just taking it slow with that.”

Phaedra with two sons

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Authored by: Robin Ayers