Yandy Smith’s Husband Mendeecees Harris Fears For Her Life When She Protests


Yandy Smith’s Husband Mendeecees Harris Fears For Her Life When She Protests

Businesswoman and star of Love & Hip Hop: New York, Yandy Smith, has been an activist for years, and now, her husband Mendeecees Harris, admits that he fears for her life when she goes out to fight.

Mendeecees Harris shares a video of Yandy Smith standing at the forefront of a crow leading a protest. His caption states,

I have to be honest, every time @yandysmith tells me she’s going out to fight I fear for her life. When I was away and she was pepper sprayed I felt helpless, I screamed at her for being out there alone and asked her why would she not think about how I would feel if she was seriously hurt. I understand her passion and her purpose. And I can’t wait for the day I can stand by her side for basic human rights and justice for all. This day was documented click the link in the bio to see the full day on Meet The Harris’ you tube page.


There were many fans that encouraged Mendeecees Harris as he supported his wife, but one fan didn’t seem to be pleased with his absence from his wife.  @devinetimin65 stated,

Welp you should be there with her regardless nothing it’s more important than backing up your spouse everything else can wait you so worried every time she goes out there well mendecee join the move

Mendeecees offers an explanation to the fan saying,

@devinetimin65 I’m on home confinement… means I can’t leave the house or else back to prison.. so ur regardless doesn’t work for me ??

Mendeecees reconnected with his wife and children after serving four years in prison for drug-trafficking charges.  Upon his release, Yandy Smith took to social media to capture the reunion stating that he’s

“Never going back @mendeecees”

In his post, he mentioned the time that Yandy Smith was pepper-sprayed in 2019 as she protested outside the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal facility in Brooklyn, NY.  After the incident, Yandy Smith admitted that she was okay and she continued to protest.

Yandy was also seen over the weekend protesting against racial injustice amid the tragic killing of George Floyd.  She captions her video,

I’ve been documenting some of my journey on my YouTube page with this last protest. Go look at the whole video and Tell me what y’all think about the white man and women standing next to us just as angry and loud as us? For us? Or aggravating a situation that will end in one of us getting killed and them being spared because they are white? Tell me your thoughts. I protest for many different things with many groups of people. I follow the leader on issues that are not my own but that I support because I am a human being. I was happy to see them stand with us but concerned that this would end bad for one of my own. Your thoughts? Click the link in my bio to see the full video



What are your thoughts on Mendeecees expressing his fear for Yandy’s life as she protests? Comment and let us know.

Authored by: Robin Ayers