Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Rumors That She Gave Kanye West An Ultimatum Over Their Marriage

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Shuts Down Rumors That She Gave Kanye West An Ultimatum Over Their Marriage

Kim Kardashian West is denying rumors that she gave her husband Kanye West an ultimatum between seeking medical help for his bipolar disorder, or getting a divorce. The rumors stem from when Kim went to visit Kanye West at their Wyoming ranch and confronted him in emotional ‘crisis talks’. A representative for Kim Kardashian West says:

“None of this is true. Except that this is obviously a difficult time.”

However, another source claims:

“She’s told him that unless he pulls out of the presidency bid and admits himself into a rehab program to get professional help, she’ll have no choice but to walk away. It really feels like a last resort but Kim doesn’t know what else to do.”

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

This news comes as Kim and Kanye reunited last week in an emotional visit. Kim Kardashian West reportedly flew from Los Angeles to see Kanye West in Wyoming but the visit wasn’t full of smiles, according to sources close to the couple. Kim was photographed crying during what appeared to be an intense discussion with Kanye in their vehicle. The sources claim:

“As soon as Kim got to the ranch, she and Kanye came out together in his car. Kim is hysterically crying. Kim hasn’t seen Kanye for weeks.”

“She [Kim Kardashian] is very emotional about everything, and also exhausted. She feels very hurt by Kanye. She has tried to reach him multiple times and he just ignores her. It’s all a bad situation.”

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

They continued:

“She decided to fly to Cody to speak with him in person. She doesn’t want to be ignored anymore.”

Kim flew out to see her husband after the rapper reportedly refused to see his wife for weeks.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

According to separate reports, Kim had previously made several attempts to reach out to Kanye but he is “not receptive.” They added that the 43 year old rapper had dismissed the idea of the reality star flying out to Wyoming to help him during what’s been described as his

“mental episodes”.

This news comes after it was announced Kanye, nor their four children ( North WestChicago WestPsalm WestSaint Westwill be filmed for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim is still taping with the rest of her family and was reportedly in Malibu shooting for the popular series a few weeks ago.

Kim Kardashian West, Kanye West & Kids

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla