Rapper Azealia Banks Completely Shaves Off Her Hair [VIDEO]

Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia Banks Feels “Fresh” After Shaving Her Head

Azealia Banks is the latest celebrity to make the big chop, cutting off all of her hair off in an effort to feel “fresh and free again”.

The rapper documented some of the process on her Instagram story over the weekend (Aug. 1) after hosting a poll, asking her followers if she should “go baldie” so her wigs can lay flat, commenting that she’s about to have her “Britney Spears moment”. She explained:

It’s bout to give i feel like Britney b**** on some 2007 s*** imma shave my head b**** just to feel fresh again.

She explained that this whole ordeal was triggered after she viewed Beyoncé’s latest visual album, Black Is King, which made Azealia Banks feel like cutting all the relaxer out of her scalp after researching some of their dangers.

The 29 year old Harlem native then posted herself with the majority of her hair cut off, almost sporting a pixie cut, and said she’s still trying to shave it to get it “skin bald”, and adding the sentiment that she’s getting rid of her hair to

“feel fresh again”.

Azealia Banks then shows the bag of hair, and follows it up with clips of her singing while she uses a set of clippers and shaves the right side of her head upward. In the next clip, Azealia is cleanly shaved as she tells her followers:

Oh my god b****** i feel so f****** fresh and free. You see this scalp burn from f****** relaxing my hair? No b**** i’m just gonna be bald underneath these wigs until the end of coronavirus and then imma just f****** grow my hair back in…

She continues:

But yeah b**** I feel free… I feel like years of karma and years of energy just came off. Like Whew that was cleansing b****.

She later hopped back on Instagram and recounted her first “baldie shower’, and said:

… wait a minute, like that was the most rejuvenating f****** thing I’ve ever felt in my life. Is this how n****** feel when they get in the shower?

See the clip.

Azealia isn’t the only new baldie on the block. Just a few weeks prior to Azealia’s renewing experience, actress Tiffany Haddish debuted her clean shaven head in an instagram post on July 18.

The 40 year old posted a selfie, and captioned it:

Just Loving my new look thought I’d share it with y’all. The best part is when water hits my head it feels like kisses from God. #sheready for more of Gods Love!

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