Matt Barnes’ Ex Anansa Sims Sparks Rumors They’re Back Together W/ New Video [WATCH]

Matt Barnes, Anansa Sims

Matt Barnes’ Ex Anansa Sims Sparks Rumors They’re Back Together W/ New Video [WATCH]

Anansa Sims’ birthday message for her friends has fans thinking she’s back with retired NBA player Matt Barnes. 

Anansa Sims took to Instagram to celebrate her best friend turning 43, but fans couldn’t help but notice Matt Barnes’ presence in several videos. In one clip, Matt Barnes is seen at a dinner table with Anansa Sims and their son. In another, he is seen discussing gambling using the number 24, which was the jersey number of the late Kobe Bryant.

The former couple called it quits earlier this year (Feb 24). Matt Barnes opened up about the break-up in a lengthy message posted on social media,

“I knew the pain of being apart from a child and wanted Aston close to me as much as possible. In an attempt to do the right thing. I tried to “play house.”

He adds,

“For more than a year, I tired to make the arrangements work. Unfortunately, it did not work.”

He went on to say that he plans on taking legal action to maintain a relationship with their son.

“Although, I tired to handle this privately as adults without outside input, I have no choice but to allow the four to intervene.”

Matt Barnes, Anansa Sims and son Ashton

Barnes also addresses an alleged restraining order Sims was given in order to keep peace between the former couple. He says,

“As it relates to the restraining order, this comes out of the blue after I had been out of town working to provide for my boys. It is perfectly timed to aligned with our upcoming court date. In the end, I wish Anansa luck.”

He ends his post with a positive message,

 “This post is not meant to be petty or vindictive. It’s not fun fighting for your kids, especially under the public eye.”

Four days later (Feb 28), the pair had a public feud over their son. After sharing that he missed his son on IG, Sims reposted a similar post regarding his twin sons with reality star Gloria Govan, where he claimed he wasn’t allowed to see them.

She also explained the posts in her caption.

“Since our break up a month and a half ago, I have honored Matt’s requests to see our son and he has seen him on every request except one on February 17th, 2020 that I rescheduled through our attorneys due to the restraining order. Matt did not show up to the visit that was scheduled on Monday, February 24th, 2 days after his post was made.The statement that Matt made on his post February 22nd, 2020 was not truthful.

Particularly “Hopefully I’m allowed to see you soon”, alluding to a falsehood that I had kept him from seeing our son, Ashton. This statement was false, hurtful and damaging. The post got the reaction he was looking for. Matt mislead our friends, his followers and fans into attacking me in his comments, in my comments and my dm’s, because they were given false information. It widend the divide between black men and black women with the false narrative of the black mother keeping her child away from the black father. It is particularly egregious when men of power and privilege misuse their platform to abuse, threaten and silence.

The pictures and videos posted on Matt’s highlights and main feed are not old. They are true to the date. Our visitation schedule will be determined by the Judge not by me. I grew up as a child of divorced parents. I’m blessed that both of my parents played an active role in raising me. My father was my best friend and role model for what a father should be. I believe that fathers should be in their children’s lives 1000%. I prefer family matters be private, but it was necessary that I respond publicly. If you do not tell your story, someone else will. I look forward to co-parenting peacefully. – Anansa Sims”

Barnes has since replied and said,

“First of all she’s been crying to her lawyer about no more posting, no posting on Instagram, no this, no that. And then here she is making posts on Instagram but also deleting parts of the conversation. Convenient. Fits your motive, fits your narrative, I’m not tripping off that.”

He then spoke on their post-breakup timeline and said everything was okay after their split, and he was seeing their son a couple of days a week. He said things went left after he went to All-Star in Chicago earlier this month.

“I was co-sign your new place, pay for your new place, furnish your new place, keep the truck, and we work out a cool schedule for Ash. I get back from All-Star and I come back home to A Thin Line Between Love & Hate meets Waiting to Exhale meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back type s***.”

He continued,

“All lies and all bulls***.”

Barnes then questioned:

“Who needs $15,000 for a 14-month-old? Ask yourself that. Nobody. This is just a money play. Just like the restraining order is a money play. She fears for her life. The fact of the matter is we just didn’t work. I wasn’t happy, I tried to make it work, it didn’t work. So now instead of being hurt and sad like she was in the beginning, her mom [model Beverly Johnson] is in her ear and now she’s bitter and spiteful…”

Months later (April 15), Barnes and Sims reunited alongside their kids. In an Instagram post, Sims shared a video of all three kids hanging out together in her backyard. She wrote in the caption,

“Kids requested and Parents delivered … Reunited kids homeschool recess reunion ?I’m team “them” for life ?Nothing I wouldn’t do for those 6 heartbeats ? SWIPE ? The last video is my fav ?#CoparentingWin…#PeaceIsTheBestWay#FamilyForever#AshtonsBigSibs??#QuarantineLife”

Barnes later apologized to Sims for their previous online drama.

He said,

“My brother Jack posted a video I think it was yesterday talking about owning up to your mistakes and taking responsibility for the f*ck ups you caused in your life. I think that resonated, and it made me… want to really take a step back and apologize to my ex Anansa for… taking our breakup public. We hit a rocky point fliping out, out of emotion, out of hurt, out of anger, out of frustration, a little misunderstanding, but it was wrong for me to do.”

He continued:

“I should’ve learned the first time, but you know, there’s no book to this. There’s no guide to this. We’re learning on the fly. I think in hindsight, obviously in the moment you react off of emotion mos tof the time. Then you sit back like d*mn maybe I shouldn’t have did that.”

He continued,

“Just want to take the opportunity to publicly apologize for my actions and putting our mess out there in the public, and allowing people to dissect and pick, and pry and talk sh*t. Because she was nothing but amazing, great mom, great partner, it just didn’t work out.”

Barnes ended by explaining why he posted the apology on social media.

“And a lot of you are probably gonna say why put this on social media, why not privately apologize? I already did privately apologize to her, but I publicly disrespected her so I need to publicly apologize…This is. me looking in the mirror. Sorry, Anansa. I’m excited that we’re at a good place right now and we can co-parent for Ash, cause that’s all that really matters.”

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Authored by: Cierra Jones