Janet Jackson Is Over Summertime In New Post: Is It Winter Yet?

Janet Jackson Winter Ready in New Instagram Post

Janet Jackson is ready for summer to end so she can go straight for winter.

The “All For You” singer was bundled up in an olive green bubble coat with her braided hair up in a ponytail in the latest photo uploaded to her Instagram account. Janet Jackson captioned the snap:

Is it winter yet?

The five-time Grammy recipient would have been on her 10th world tour right now if it wasn’t for COVID-19. Janet Jackson announced back in February the arrival of her new album “Black Diamond” and the accompanying tour that would’ve started in Miami on June 24th before the world was placed on lockdown.

She explained the meaning behind the title for her album in the caption under the tours promo poster and said:

“… Black Diamonds are the toughest of all the diamonds, the hardest to cut. I see that as the hardest to hurt or destroy. There is a lot that I have endured. I see myself as a Black Diamond in its purest form. I’m a rock, I have ruff edges but I keep moving forward. I want to show you my strength as well as give you strength.”

However, people weren’t adhering to the safety regulations put in place to stop the spread of the virus and instead did things like not wearing masks, or gathering in large groups despite mandated 6 ft distance, so Janet had a message. The  asked via social media in April:

“Can y’all stay inside? I got s*** to do in June.”


Ultimately the tour was postponed but no future dates have been provided as of yet.

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By: @a.girlwhowrites

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta