DJ Envy Says “Disrespectful” Comments Tyrese Previously Made To His Wife Deserved A “Box To Your Mouth” While Explaining Why He Ended Their Friendship

Tyrese. DJ Envy

DJ Envy Says “Disrespectful” Comments Tyrese Previously Made To His Wife Deserved A “Box To Your Mouth” While Explaining Why He Ended Their Friendship

Tyrese and DJ Envy recently talked out their long standing feud.

The former friends seemingly found some common ground during the singer’s appearance on The Breakfast Club recently, and were able to discuss what went wrong in their friendship.

R&B singer Tyrese, 44, sat down for the with the show’s hosts, Charlamagne tha God, Jess Hilarious, and DJ Envy, and quickly aired out his frustrations with Envy, who he referred to as his “brother”. Apparently, the “Sweet Lady” artist forewarned that he’s on an apology tour, and wanted to stop in on TBC to discuss his strained relationships. Once Tyrese singled out Envy, real name RaaShaun Casey, 46, however, the pair got candid about what exactly caused their friendship to end. Kicking off the topic, Tyrese stated:

“This is the part that I don’t appreciate about Envy, is when Tyrese divorce comes across y’all headline – when the captions associated to the things that come across your desk. Where is that same heart and love that I extended to you, that you could extend to me instead of it just being paper pushing and…’Tyrese is on the gram again okay that’s expected’,”
He continued:
“While every on-air personality, Blog, podcast whatever they got a job to do they gonna say things for click bait ratings this and that, but when you have certain people on the radio and you’ve developed some type of relationship with them…why is my marriage funny?…Why is my divorce just something to talk about?”
The musician went on to question why his so called friends at the time didn’t reach out to him while his marriage was suffering to check in on him. If you recall Tyrese and his then wife Samantha Gibson announced they were splitting back in 2020 after 4  years of marriage and welcoming a daughter together. Though it was unclear exactly what caused the union to end, they both released a joint statement claiming the decision was mutual, adding they planned to remain “the best of friends”. However, things turned sour as the two struggled to peacefully negotiate child support and living arrangements.
Though Charlamagne insists he did reach out to check on him at the time, Envy responded basically letting Tyrese know that he purposely didn’t reach out because they were no long friends. The disc jockey claims he had lost respect for Tyrese because he wasn’t living out the things he was preaching in private nor in public. Additionally, Envy alleged that Tyrese, possibly under medicinal influence, said some outrageous things to his wife. He explained:
“You were going through and I tried to talk…I’ve seen who you were and I didn’t even like who you were online…When I seen how you were talking… I said ‘I’m going to take a step back’…you talk to [my wife] in a disrespectful manner and I never told nobody…you could say you were on those psych meds and you could say that you weren’t…but as a man some of the things that you said Tyrese deserved me to box your mouth”
He added:
“That was the reason why I stopped talking to you and will not reach out to you anymore because I’m like I don’t want to remember my brother as that. And maybe you [were] going through problems,…[but] if I talk to your wife disrespectful I don’t expect for you to come check on me and that’s how I felt at that time.”
Tyrese went on to adamantly state that he doesn’t remember many things that happened during this time due to a powerful psychological medicine he was taking. As we covered last month, the musician claims the drugs altered his behavior and killed his confidence, leading to the viral moment he emotionally cried online.
Tyrese did, however, once again offer his apologies, and shared that he’s prayed that people he hurt during said time will find it in their hearts to forgive him and show him grace for being “out of his mind” as God shows to us all. By the end of the conversation it seems the two were mostly in agreement that grace could be shown. Though only time will tell of their friendship will ever return to what it once was. You can watch Tyrese’s full interview with The Breakfast Club below.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson