Barack Obama Gives His Opinion On Rappers Who Support President Trump

Barack Obama, Donald Trump

Barack Obama Gives His Opinion On Rappers Who Support President Trump

It’s no secret that the former president of the United States Barack Obama isn’t a fan of President Trump. Recently, Barack Obama shared his thoughts on rappers who seem to be supporters of Donald Trump and his actions as the current president. He said,

“It’s interesting—people are writing about the fact that Trump increased his support among Black men [in the 2020 presidential election], and the occasional rapper who supported Trump. I have to remind myself that if you listen to rap music, it’s all about the bling, the women, the money. A lot of rap videos are using the same measures of what it means to be successful as Donald Trump is. Everything is gold-plated. That insinuates itself and seeps into the culture.”

As we previously reported, both Lil Pump and Lil Wayne came forward and publicly endorsed Trump during his presidential campaign. Lil Wayne sent out a tweet on Oct. 29 to share that he had a great meeting with President Trump and is a supporter of his Platinum Plan for the black community. He tweeted,

“Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.”

Lil Pump showed his support for Trump via his own social media platforms and also made an appearance at one of his rallies in Michigan.

Ice Cube said that he doesn’t endorse Trump however, the rapper did get hate for meeting with Trump’s Administration. According to Ice Cube, the meeting was to help improve The Platinum Plan and give insight into his own plans for black Americans called The Contract With Black America. He said, 

“[Trump’s administration] looked at The Contract With Black America and they saw that their plan was lacking and they wanted to implement some of the things from The Contract With Black America into their plan I said you’re welcome to do it. And I would say the same thing to the Biden campaign, they’re welcome to do it.””

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel