Drake Praises Lil Wayne, Calls Him ‘The Most Selfless Artist Ever’

Drake. Lil Wayne

Drake Praises Lil Wayne, Calls Him ‘The Most Selfless Artist Ever’

It doesn’t look like Drake and Lil Wayne’s respect for each other will end anytime soon.

Lil Wayne first showed love to Drake during a recent interview with Tidal’s Chief Content Officer Elliott Wilson. He said:

“As far as Drizzy, Drizzy always was just a knockout from the door. It was just everything, plain and simple. When he was introduced to me I was like, ‘Okay what does this kid do? Well, let me hear it again.'”

He continues:

“Now I’m like ‘Who’s that on the hook?’ ‘That’s him too.’ You go to hearing the rap and you like he spittin, then you go to hearing the hook and I’m like ‘The hook cold, who that is singing the hook?’ ‘That’s him too.’ I was like ‘That was him too?! Well lemme see the lil homie.’ When I saw him, I was like ‘Where you from?’ [He said] ‘Canada.’ [I said] ‘CANADA?'”

He also pointed out that Drake was a star on the show Degrassi: The Next Generation, so lots of people already knew who he was.

Lil Wayne ended with expressing his appreciation that Drake signed with his label, Young Money.

“He got a lot going for him. I’m honored for him to choose me as an option.” 


Four-time Grammy winner Drake showed similar love in the comment section of the video and wrote:

“This man believed in me after so many never called again or just didn’t see it to begin with… most selfless artist ever never held any of us back always pushed us forward every single night in people faces…”

Drake continued:

“20k packed into an arena and he had a whole set of his show dedicated to introducing us FOR YEARS… all praise and credit due to the [GOAT].”

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